Handle with care

For all our clothing applies: handle with care and follow the washing instructions in the label. We advise hand washing, but also understand that in some cases a machine wash is more convenient, but be careful!

Detergents of today are strong enough to get your clothes completely clean at low temperatures. This is not only better for your clothes, but also better for the environment. We recommend washing all our clothes with a washing program for fine laundry, which does not wash warmer than 30 ° C. In any case, do not use aggressive detergents with, for example, bleaching. This can affect the color of your clothes. Also do not use a high spin program. We recommend not to spin it higher than 1000 rpm.

Our clothing is not suited for tumble drying. Due to the heat, your favorite article can lose its shape and elasticity aswel damage the print. If you want to keep it in “mint condition”, you can best let our clothes dry on a drying rack. Do not put them in full sun, because of this the colors may fade.